Ugh…please excuse the cliché post title.  I promise the title fits snugly with the blog post…you’ll see.

In just over a month I will graduate from college.  Most people refer to this as the Home Stretch, but I do not see that image as fitting in this situation.  When I think about the Home Stretch, the image comes to mind of achieving a long sought after goal.  This goal is in sight and there is only a short stop to get in your way.  You desperately want to reach Home Plate.  This is not how I feel about my upcoming graduation.

This is the Plank.  I have been on this adventure, travelling to different countries and meeting all kind of people and learning new things.  Now I am forced to end this particular journey.  I have been forced onto the Plank because I could not pick which well-trodden land path was meant for me.  I am looking down at the dark sea of the future below me; the sea I might drown in.

I write to you from the Plank about the things that interest me and serve as distractions from my inevitable leap into the sea.