The Internet is surging with opinions and charts and graphs and a crystal ball to figure out what the Government Shutdown means.  From what we have been able to look up, a Government Shutdown means that approximately 800,000 federal employees (including military, excluding congress) will not get paid and that any agency or individual expecting government financial assistance will not receive it.

According to many of my Facebook friends, the Democratic Party needs to cave and just pass the budget.  Clearly, these Facebook friends have been fortunate enough to go through life without needing any government assistance.  Some of us, myself included, have not been so fortunate.  Throughout my teenage years, I survived on Social Security benefits and Medicaid.  Today, as an unemployed college graduate, I rely on Title X for my gynecological needs.  The budget proposed by the House Republicans would take away every government service I have relied on.  This budget proposal also wipes out Medicare.   But hey, we’re broke, right?  We need to make sacrifices.  Yes, we need to make some spending cuts.  But there are other ways to cut spending without throwing the poor and elderly to the dogs.

This budget problem would be solved a little easier if this budget problem was really about the budget.  Actually the budget is really the big, green Wizard of Oz head.  The “man behind the curtain,” the real issue, is policy.  The Republican Party has been using the guise of the deficit to eliminate and severely cripple the programs they don’t like and have been unwilling to move from those particular cuts.  They are unwilling to make cuts anywhere else in the budget.

If this Government Shutdown was about the budget, it would have never gone this far.  It’s not the budget, it’s the the fact that this is the only way for the Republicans to get what they wanted all along, at the expense of us.