I read and watch a lot of different news.  One figure whom I am a little obsessed with is Glenn Beck.  I have never seen someone like this person in my entire life.  He is nothing but an angry, uneducated person who somehow managed to get people to listen to him, though I will never understand why.  Around the time of the Healthcare Reform, Glenn started saying that Democrats were inciting violence.  How?  Nancy Pelosi walked from her office to the Capital for the vote and he called it ‘inciting violence.’  I don’t think so, Glenn.  She was just getting a little fresh air.  He said by voting ‘yes’ house and senate democrats were inciting violence.  No, Glenn, they were simply doing their job.

Glenn Beck doesn’t know what ‘inciting violence’ is.

Dr. Martin Luther King used the act of incing violence in the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s.  He used this tactic as a last resort.  After the boycotts and his own imprisonment in Birmingham, Alabama, he realized that his speeches and boycotts were not as effective as they needed to be, so while in prison, he decicided to step it up.  The general public still did not understand how important the need was for Civil Rights.  He decided to get children involved in the picketing so people would see the police handling the children like they handled the adults.  He and others planned Freedom Marches and Freedom Rides to see how far a group of African Americans could drive/walk before people were outraged enough to trample them and overturn their buses.  That was inciting violence.  That got people really thinking about Civil Rights.

The Democratic Party has no need to incite violence from Glenn Beck’s Tea Partiers.  Trust me, no democrat wants to see these people start firing their guns.  They’re just trying to do their jobs, nothing more.  Inciting Violence is a Rights Group tactic, not just a response.  By his over-use of the term, Glenn Beck has undermined the Civil Rights Movement.